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Why users buy all in one solution rather than split solar street lights ?

After analyzing our sales data, we have found out that users are turning to integrated street lights instead of split or semi-split type. our customers are more likely to purchase integrated solar LED lights, even if some of them have previously purchased split-type product.

Our analysis provides you a way to understand market trends which may help you save time in product selection and implement your projects quickly.

It must be a realistic choice as time is the best inspector for all in one solar lights product in the long run.

1, All In One Solar Lights Save Installation Time

From the perspective of product structure, the installation of integrated solar lamps is simple and quick. it only takes 5 minutes for skilled workers to complete the installation process. for batch installations, this is a comparative advantage to split type.

Imagine that split solar LED light requires a gel battery pit, with waterproof done, then put the gel battery inside. this process takes more time than the integrated type. the installation has one more procedure than integrated solution, even gel batteries are hanging on sole light poles. this complicated installation method is a big problem when the construction project deadline is rushed.

When there are punitive measures stated by the project owner, it brings more headache. all in one solution is obviously a good choice to solve this kind of headache.


2, The Cost of Integrated Solution is Lower

Cost involves two parts. the first is the cost of the installing workers. from the analysis of the above paragraph, we know that the longer the installation time, the higher the worker costs. in this regard, both the owner of project and the construction contractor will tend to choose a lower cost approach.

Another part of the cost relates to product materials. the gel battery for split type solar outdoor lights is bulky.

For example, 80W split street lights is using 150Ah batteries, which must match with 200 ~ 300W solar panels.

On the other hand, the lithium battery used in the 80W integrated solar powered light is 40 ~ 70Ah which is smaller and can be built in. the corresponding solar panels specification at 36V 120W ~ 130W can meet the needs of use. it can be clearly seen that the same wattage of solar panel used for integrated solar based lights are at half price compared split type.


3, Intelligent Control of Light Fitting

The split type solar-powered light uses a large-capacity gel battery, which can provide 100% brightness all night. but the question is how many people will show off in the wee hours of the night ? from this perspective, 100% luminance output configuration in the latter half of the night is a waste.

Integrated solar lanterns generally use intelligent controllers. based on big data analysis and human flow judgment, the controller may adopt the modes of time control or human induction mode intelligently. it can set to provide 100% luminance output when there is a lot of people, and automatically switch to the human body induction mode when there is fewer or no people.

By this way, it will achieve the lighting effect, save electricity, and contribute to environmental protection.

Don’t forget, the integrated solar street lamp can not only illuminate all night, but also support 5 ~ 7 days of rainy weather.

This is why all in one integrated solar street lights are more popular.


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